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Another technique for signaling the transient presence of other visitors is MyBlogLog’s faceroll widget, which shows recent visitors to a blog or site (from opted-in users of MyBlogLog), which can give the current visitor a sense that they have company while reading the blog, especially if they recognize some of the faces or names.


There’s a fine line between the immediate present and a longer-term historical view. Showing recent visitors, as MyBlogLog’s faceroll badge does, gives your latest visitor a sense o who has been visiting lately and who they’re keeping company with, even if nobody hardly ever comments.

Yahoo! designer Bryce Glass once said

MyBlogLog is interesting in this regard, because it establishes my presence at a particular location (a web page) at a specific time. Before Y! acquired MyBlogLog, we had an internal (Hackday-inspired) version of this running... you could put a simple Javascript insert on any page on the intranet that would display a widget showing the last n employees who'd visited the page. Thoough ultimately killed by legal [over privacy concerns], it was extremely useful for establishing peoples' presence “at” your design document, product requirements document, etc. (Did the team really review your spec? How recently? Who were the holdouts?)