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Social behavior patterns

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we need to start sorting out social behavior patterns too. (They are the DNA to social design patterns' memory RNA.)

We can start by collecting book titles and building a research bibliography. [Ted Nadeau] suggested the first title, Manwatching:


Drives, needs, attributes, feelings, things people look for or expect from their environments, things that may be addressed or met or harnessed or thwarted by social interfaces:

  • hide
  • recover
  • be alone
  • nest
  • cave
  • refuge
  • safety
  • cozy
  • warm
  • close
  • tired
  • tough
  • heavy
  • need
  • warmth
  • my stuff
  • project
  • doing

I forget where these notes fit in:

  • showing off
  • flourishing
  • on diplay
  • library
  • intellectual connection
  • one of the reasons we met
  • point of pride, point of inspiration
  • i can never really find anything in it

possibly jotted down while talking to [Ted Nadeau]