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The user wants to plan an event and invite friends to join the party.

evite party invitation.

Use When

Use this pattern to allow users to create customized and personal invitations for events such as parties.

Use this pattern to replace regular email for party planning.


Pre-Party Plannng

Event details on mypunchbowl.

  • Allow users to enter full details of an event including: location, time, date, details, special considerations.
  • Use a calendar picker for easy date selection and minimization of data entry errors. (see Calendaring)
  • Offer to add the event to the user’s calendar (Yahoo!, ical, Google, etc.)
  • Allow event planners to poll invitees through the use of simple polls.

Theme selection on mypunchbowl

Template section on mypunchbowl

  • Provide templates for invitation display. Allow the event creator to choose a theme that is appropriate to the theme of the party.

mypunchbowl offers the invitation creator a variety of ways to build their guestlist.

  • Allow the event creator to invite multiple people at a time. Provide a field for adding multiple email addresses.
  • Allow selection from the user’s desktop address book.
  • Consider allowing selection from online address books, like Plaxo, Yahoo!
  • Allow the event planner to save the email addresses for later use.


  • Offer to add the event to the user’s calendar (Yahoo!, ical, google, etc.)
  • Consider showing RSVPs to others and indicating attendees.

mypunchbowl integrates maps into the invitation.

  • Show event on a map.
  • Allow users to get directions to the event.
  • Consider indicating nearby establishments, like restaurants, parking, coffee shops, ATMs, to allow for comprehensive planning.
  • Show full address and phone number.
  • If event is at a public location, like a restaurant or park, show details about the location like hours, ambiance, restrictions, etc.

After Party

  • Allow users to upload photos from the event.
  • Consider allowing users to leave comments about the party.
  • Give users a reason to come back and engage with each other.


Giving users the tools to create offline events enhances relationships that may have only existed online. People want to gather and they will use whatever tools are available to coordinate the event. Bringing this functionality into your site, if appropriate, will keep users engaged and can create a holistic experience that moves seamlessly from online to offline and back online again.

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