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One-Time Sharing

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One-time sharing at Flickr


User wants to share an object (pointer, media, or application) with one or more people. The application wants to be involved in the sharing in order to learn who is sharing what with whom, and how often.


Use when displaying content, resources, or applications on your site or elsewhere.


Enable people to spontaneously share content or objects they find by sending them to a friend or posting them to a shared, personal or public space. Provide a consistent Share This widget on each page or associated with each granular object (pointers, media, applications).

When the user invokes the sharing link, provide - if possible in a popup or overlay - the minimal interface needed to facilitate rapid posting. Optionally include a Send This invitation to explicitly choose recipients to be notified of the posting.


Providing a one-time Public Sharing option in a ubiquitous Share This widget can provide your users with a convenient and familiar method for sharing more content and objects and applications with each other. If they opt to execute their public sharing through your widget, you can learn from the behavioral patterns and optimize your interfaces and your offerings.

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