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The social mobile person will utilize a variety of tools to announce their current actions and activities for their network and the world to see.

Popular microblogging tools like twitter have been adapted for the use in mobile devices. Twitterific is on application that uses the Twitter API to make an iPhone application.

Use When

Use to enable users to share activity, photos and/or videos from their mobile devices.


When considering a status tool for mobile allow users to plug into their existing social networks, like Twitter or Facebook.

Image:Mobile-Facebook.png Image:Mobile-notiPhone-Facebook.png
Examples of Facebook news feed on mobile devices.

Consider pulling in the activity stream from their existing network onto their mobile device.

Allow the user to indicate how often to pull data. User should be able to easily turn off the stream to save on data charges and battery life.

Allow users to indicate whether their outgoing message is sent via an application, into an existing network or sent as an SMS or text message to their network.

Allow the user to do their setup on the web as an option. More complex setup, requiring typing and data entry is easier with a keyboard than a phone interface.

But, that said, the setup and upload of content should be easy on the phone for those not equipped with a computer.

Provide one-click ability to share items of interest to others.

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