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Meta Conversation

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Meta Conversation


A user wants to discuss something off the main focus of the site.

Use When

Use when you want to keep a separation netween the sites main topic of focus and the inevitable discussions that are tangential to that topic.


  • Create a separate forum or location for discussions not related to the site's main focus.
  • Clearly indicate to users that off-topic discussions should occur on the separate site rather than the main one.
  • Moderate discussions to the separate site if users are not migrating appropriate conversations themselves.


Any site that allows user interaction and communication will see a number of conversations arise that are unrelated to the main topic of focus. If these conversations are left unmediated they will tend to overwhelm the sites main focus over time. Use this pattern to maintain a separation between conversations about the main topic and conversations about the site itself, or other unrelated topics.

As Seen On

metafilter and the discussion site metatalk

stackoverflow and the discussion site meta stackoverflow