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Aggregated vitality is sometimes referred to as lifestreaming, but others reserve that term for the sort of updates feed that incorporates items from “the real world” (as opposed to just online behaviors). In the long run this distinction is bound to break down, but currently there is some value to preserving this distinction, as we begin to see devices for capturing stimuli from the user’s surroundings in an ambient way and automatically uploading them to a service where they can be viewed and consumed publicly by friends or followers.

Examples of this include Blogging in Motion, the winning hack at Yahoo! Open Hack Day 2006.


The blogging in motion hack combines a cameraphone, a purse, a pedometer, a GPS parser called ZoneTag, and a Flickr account to enable automated regular live photoblogging of the life of the person carrying the purse

Coincidentally, perhaps, Yahoo!'s next Open Hack Day, in 2008, also featured a lifestreaming hack, called Purple Pedals.


Purple Pedals GPS-Flickr Bikes automatically take pictures, tag them with geolocation, and upload them to flickr (much like hte Blogging in Motion purse).

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