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Feedback on the Game

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Feedback from folks during and after game play


  • Simplify colors - take colors down to 2 - one for the W cards (who, what, how) and one for features
    • potentially have the anti and lucky and principles be another color or
    • maybe they are designated + and - cards in Red and Green
  • Add images to Demographic and Delivery cards a la the Social Objects cards
  • Have larger triangle, circle and square on the W cards to indicate that features have to match to these.
  • possibly break symbols across cards - i.e. top part is on W cards bottom is at the top of the Feature cards and they have to match up
  • Social Mania logo on every card
  • copyright on every card with EM and CC
  • Make W cards more alike
  • make symbol connections stronger
  • bring category name to back with text so when playing face up you know what category it is


  • Possible deal out W cards first then deal out features - maybe 3 and 3 rather than 1 and 4
  • intersperse positive point cards
  • play negative cards after 1st or 2nd quarter
  • Allow Anti cards to be played on shipped products [ what does this do to the points scoring system?]
  • Create a game board for cards to be played on so that the connections are clearer and it shows a desired stat
  • simplify scoring [if a board is used does the scoring need to be simpler]
  • possibly reduce the number of cards or release in batches (expansion kits)


  • Teams of 4 worked best - better than the 8 in the larger session
  • if team has 8 - split into teams of 2 and play against each other.
  • more competitive nature was seen in the smaller group play, team competition was clearer
  • Explain the game before letting people move into groups and teams

From Chris

Explain the rules/structure and goals better before handing out the cards - specifically the symbol interpretations and why some symbols are located at the bottom of the card and some are at the top

Consider how to encourage people to avoid "gaming" the system by simply matching symbols to ship products, rather than discussing the appropriateness of the card being considered.

Social Mania: The Game