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Face-to-Face Meeting

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The user wants to meet offline with people from their network, in a nearby location.

Meetup facilitates people meeting in their local areas for a variety of events.

Use When

Use to help facilitate an in person meeting.


  • Allow users to create events and invite participants.

Pre-event creation

Event creation form on upcoming

  • Allow users to enter full details of an event including: location, time, date, details, special considerations.

Calendar picker on upcoming

  • Integrate a calendar (see Calendaring) for scheduling time-based events.

Privacy options on upcoming

Privacy options on socializr. Secondary text clearly articulates what each choice means.

  • Allow event creators to mark an event public or private.
  • Allow users to select locations from a list of places; from city guides, yellow pages or other directories.

upcoming provides a map indicating the venue of the event and shows nearby parking, restaurants, ATMs or a user entered item.

  • Consider indicating nearby establishments, like restaurants, parking, coffee shops, ATMs, or other relevant businesses, which allows for comprehensive planning.
  • Provide full address, phone number and other relevant details like costs, hours, restrictions, or ambiance.

Pre-event attendees

upcoming shows who from your network is also attending or thinking about attending an event.

Facebook offers three choices of RSVP for events.

  • Allow users to RSVP to events.
  • Consider showing RSVPs to others and indicating attendees from a viewers network.

Showing attendees can encourage others to RSVP yes if they see someone they know in the list.

  • Showing attendees can encourage others to RSVP yes f they see someone they know in the list.
  • Consider allowing public events where users invite themselves or follow an event.
  • Consider adding wiki software for collaborative content creation.
  • Integrate maps for selecting and displaying locations. (see Geo-Mapping)
  • Allow users to indicate method for receiving alerts or reminders for events. (see Reminding)

Facebook presents a user’s network in order to easily create a guest list. The interface also offers the ability to add email addresses for those not on the service.

  • Allow users to easily invite their network or a subset of their network to an event. Consider a batch invite process, like multi-select, for sending invites.

Post-event attendees

Upcoming creates a “scrapbook” for each event attended or watched. Photos from the event are associated with the event through a mashup with flickr.

  • Allow users to attach photos to the event.
  • If the user attended (or RSVPed yes), show the event in their calendar of past events.

Meetup offers a rating option to attendees of recent events.

  • Consider asking the attendees to rate the event afterwards.

Public Events

upcoming filters events by date first.

  • Allow events to be searchable by keyword/category, tags, and date.
  • Allow users to browse through events and filter by keyword/category, tags and date.

Friend’s events on upcoming sorted by date first.

  • Show users a list of events being attended by friends in their network.

Semi-public events

Meetup combines small interest groups with public events. Users must join the group first in order to RSVP for an event or activity.

  • Indicate if the user must be part of the network in order to RSVP or attend the event. (Meetup)


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