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A user has a comment or opinion about an item he is viewing on the site.


flickr comment field associated with the asset a user is viewing.
flickr comment field associated with the asset a user is viewing.

Use When

  • A user wants to leave comments associated with an object (place, person, thing).
  • A user wants to express an opinion in relation to an article or blog post or begin a public conversation.


  • Provide a text entry field for the comment that is large enough for several lines of text.
  • Associate the comment field in close proximity to the item (image, article, blog post) that is being commented on.
  • Ask for an identifer in order to attribute the comment. Let the user enter either a user name or nickname.
  • Provide a method for anonymous commenting; either a drop down selection or allow the user to leave the identifier blank and then automatically note that as anonymous.
  • If the user is already registered in the system, then autofill the attribution field.
  • Link the user attribution to the user’s site profile. If there is no profile system, allow the name to be linked to a website entered by the user.
  • To reduce spambots, present some type of validation option (captcha, image captcha, etc) that only a real person can answer.
  • To further cut down on spambots, require user registration before a comment can be left on the site. Use this as an opportunity for progressive registration (see Sign Up or Registration pattern).


Allowing comments is one of the easiest ways to bring a social flavor to your site.

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