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The Rules

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Game Goals

  • Build a social digital product around an object for a specific audience delivered in a specific way
  • Deliver a well rounded product (with features across Identity, Activities and Relationships)
  • Build products in a defined time frame
  • Work as a team to collaborate and build the best products
  • Play against other teams

The Parts

3 card types Define Need & Delivery

Symbol Mapping

4th card type Features

  • Other cards: (Lucky, Principle, Anti-Social, Anti-Patterns)
  • Give you more or less points
  • Provide opportunities to affect other teams

The Rules in Brief

  • Break into teams of 4 - 6
  • Give your team a name
  • Quickly elect a captain/dealer
  • Dealer, opens pack and divides cards into 2 decks (one deck is rubber banded). KEEP THE DECKS SEPARATE
  • Shuffle each deck separately. Create a space for discard pile.
  • Deal 4 cards to each player from large deck
  • Deal one card to each player from small deck
  • Teams can discuss cards to make best product decision
  • Dealer goes first, plays a card face up
  • After each card played, a new card is drawn. Hands always have 5 cards
  • Only 3 products can be in play at a time
  • Once a product is complete - ship it and start a new product
  • A Product is:

    • 1 object card

    • 1 demographic card

    • 1 delivery card

    • 3+ feature cards



  • Extra points for a well rounded product with matching feature symbols to Need/Delivery cards
  • Other cards = add or subtract points as directed
  • Teams can play Anti (anti-social or anti-pattern cards) on other team’s products after the 2nd Quarter