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I'll note this in the pattern.
I'll note this in the pattern.

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Don’t force the user to try and create a unique name that isn’t an email address. -- that depends. On sites where interaction between users is especially important (such as a wiki or an online marketplace), you'll probably want unique nicknames - it's harder to remember email adresses and the feel impersonal, and allowing non-unique nicknames opens up a lot of possibilities for abuse.

A related pattern is anonymous trial: you can test the most important features (such as an editing interface) with a single click, without having to go through registration. --Tgr 10:11, 3 December 2008 (UTC)

Good Points

You are right - sometimes a unique ID is a good thing but if you intend to scale, it becomes impossible for users to get the names they want, that express themselves, as the namespace becomes full. That's why having the nickname for display, which is not the login, is a good idea.

I'll note this in the pattern. Emalone