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A user wants to know what’s going on around their neighborhood.

Outside in Neighborhood data presents news and other content based on neighborhoods.

Use When

Use this pattern when pulling together geographic or place specific content.


Neighborhood selection screen
Users can select a neighborhood to filter content.

Allow users to select a neighborhood for filtering information. The neighborhood boundaries should include relevant location definitions including zip code and school districts and explicit metadata and location keywords.

Allow people to explicitly identify with a neighborhood —through selection of a neighborhood or through entry of a zipcode.

Present the option to connect to people from the same neighborhood or in nearby areas.

Allow people to search by neighborhood, zip code or other relevant location data.

Nearby neighborhoods and other area definitions available to filter content.

Provide an easy mechanism for users to switch neighborhoods.

Consider mashing up a variety of interesting and relevant content related to the neighborhood selected. The types of content that can be pulled together includes photos, news items, business listings, real estate listings, police blotter announcements, ratings and reviews of businesses, parks and public places, events and people.

Display the user’s location on a map.

Display relevant content on a map to indicate proximity to the user.


Bringing together local information around the neighborhood provides a more relevant experience for people wanting to keep tabs on what’s happening nearby. The tools can also support bringing people together who are already close in proximity.

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