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* [ Visible Area patterns repository]
* [ Visible Area patterns repository]
* []
* []
===About this site===
===About this site===

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What's a Pattern?

A pattern describes an optimal solution to a common problem within a specific context.

Social Patterns & Best Practices

Social to the Core

You're Invited

Where's the Rest of Me

Would You Buy a Used Car from This?

The Media is the Massage

Where in the World?

Both geophysical place and virtual sense of place (relates to presence, identity, relationships, and community)

Where’s the Action?

One of Us, One of Us

Good Cop, Bad Cop

What’s Next?

Where are things going, What’s still unsolved?

Web vs. mobile - geo-ubiquitous

Demographic differences

Example: Age groups

Games and Social Design


  • Appendices
    • [Yahoo! Design Pattern Library]
    • Poster-Sized Concept Map of Social Patterns Ecosystem
    • Deck of Pattern Cards?
    • [Yahoo! User Interface Library]
    • Possible: A Brief History of Social Networking
      • BBS’s at 300 Baud
      • The Well
      • Imminent Death of Usenet Predicted, Film at 11
      • AOL and the endless September of 1993
      • Blogs, Social Networks, Social Media Filters, Walls and Feeds]]
  • Index

Getting started

Talk about patterns

Yahoo!'s Writing Patterns forum

Presentations about patterns

Some good talks defining patterns and about specific pattern types:

Pattern Sites

About this site

Designing Social Interfaces: Principles, Patterns, and Practices for Improving the User Experience

by Christian Crumlish and Erin Malone Coming Soon! from O'Reilly Media and Yahoo! Press

This book presents a family of social web design principles and interaction patterns that we have observed and codified, thus capturing user-experience best practices and emerging social web customs for web 2.0 practitioners. This wiki presents the collected patterns for community feedback and discussion.