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How to assemble the card deck

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Assembling a deck after game play

  1. The deck needs to be divided back into 3 parts
  1. Into pile 1 place all the cards that say: Social Objects, Demographics, Delivery
  1. Into pile 2 place all the cards that say: Principles, Anti-Patterns, Anti-Social, Lucky Cards, Wild Cards
  1. All the rest of the cards make up pile 3 - these are your patterns and features.
  1. Shuffle pile 2. There should be 36 cards total in this pile. (if you have an incomplete deck let me know and we'll see how we can get the missing cards back. If you have too many cards - those missing cards - let me know what duplicates you have - knowing that there are some duplicates in the game already.)
  1. Divide pile 2 into half - make sure each side has at least 1 Wild Card. (there are only 2)
  1. Shuffle one of the half piles into pile 1. Rubber band it and put it aside.
  1. Shuffle the other half into pile 3.
  1. You should now have 2 decks to play with again.

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