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* [[Mobile]]
* [[Mobile]]
* [[Gatherings]]
* [[Gatherings]]
* [[Geo-Tagging]]
* [[GeoTagging]]

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A person wants to let the gps on his phone inform other people and his phone applications of his location.

Use When

  • Use to enable users to plot themselves on a map or announce their location.
  • Use to enable users to meet up with other people nearby.
  • Use to empower features on social applications.


Most mobile phones are now being equipped with geo-location features, which means more and more applications and tools can bring together location and people in interesting ways.

Utilize the built in features of geo-mapping to allow users to share their location to a trusted network.

Allow users to turn off presence or location indicators.

Use a user’s location to show nearby businesses or events of interest.

Allow users to indicate who, from their network, can see their location.

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