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User wants to mark an item (person, place or thing) as a preferred object.

Slideshare allows presentations to be Favorited by users
Slideshare groups the call to action for making a presentation a favorite with other tools. Favorites is indicated by the heart icon, which was first popularized by AOL.

Use When

  • Use this pattern when you want to let a user create their own list of preferred items.
  • Use instead of requiring a user to bookmark the page that the item is on.


  • Allow users to create a list of favorite objects on your site.

Fave an item on flickr before favoriting
The iconography and text label prior to marking the item a favorite on

Icon after an item is favorited on
The icon for making an item a Fave is in close proximity to the photo on Once the user has made the item a favorite, the icon changes color indicating it is now a fave.

  • Provide a “Favorite this” link closely associated to each object.
  • When selected, consider allowing the user to add tags, their own description or other metadata that will help them recall the item later.

Favorites page on
A Favorites collection on flickr. The photos are browsable as a collection and can be searched.

  • Allow favorite items to be browsed and to be searched by keyword or tag.
  • Collect favorited items together on their own page for easy access.
  • Associate the collected favorited items with the user’s profile or identity.
  • Consider allowing the user to share their collection of favorited items with their friends and connections.
  • Don’t associate favorites wit People as that may lead to negative community behavior.
  • Allow the object creator to see who has “favorited” one of their items.


Allowing users to interact with the content on your site supports a sense of ownership by the community and encourages cross-user conversation and interaction. Favorites is a simple way to create cross-user interaction.

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