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Blogs - Ownership

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A user wants to write commentary, post events, images and videos on a regular basis.

Wordpress offers rich tools for the blogging author.

Use When

  • Use this pattern to create the framework that allows users to publish text, links, images and/or video on a regular basis.
  • Use this pattern to bring a more casual level of commentary to readers as a complement to more formal editorial content.


  • Provide the author with the capability to record their thoughts, commentary and interesting links, photos and other material.
  • Allow the user to customize the template of the blog presentation.
  • Provide a field for a title.
  • Provide a large enough text entry for the body of the blog post.
  • Allow the author to preview before publishing.
  • Allow the author to add tags or categories before publishing.

Wordpress offers the ability to schedule publication into the future, in addition to the instant publish capability.

  • Consider allowing the author to schedule the publication of the blog posting into the future. This allows an author to pre-write a series of posts and have them auto-publish on a pre-determined schedule.
  • Allow the author to bring in other modules of relevant content and material from other places. This might be badges from photo or link collection sites or a network of relevant relationships.
  • Provide the ability to upload and post photos, videos as well as text.

Wordpress offers a comprehensivce dashboard for managing posts as well as the framework for the blog.

  • Give authors a dashboard to view all previous posts with a clear ability to edit.
  • Allow authors to delete posts.
  • Allow authors the ability to turn comments on and off per post.

Wordpress allows the blog owner to preview comments before they are posted.

  • Provide authors with tools for moderating comments and comment spam.
  • Allow the blog owner to add authors.


Light blogging tools can make the effort of blogging easier. More sophisticated and powerful tools puts the ownership of managing the system as well as the output on the author. People will gravitate to the level to of tool that is appropriate—whether a hosted service, an embedded tool in a social network or a fully owned piece of software sitting on the user’s own server. Regardless, there is a base set of functionality that is now expected in blogging tools.

Giving people rich tools to share their thoughts and viewpoints is powerful. Even if only 5 people read it, everyone has something to say and for every person saying something, there are a few who will listen and respond.

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